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Welcome, I am glad you are here.

is a gifted and talented healing facilitator. After spending almost 30 years in the construction industry and becoming “successful” he found himself dying physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He asked to be shown God’s truth and understanding about his life. This set into motion dynamics that would change his life.

He was guided to many modalities in healing and spirituality. After he kept hearing “it’s simpler than that” he started asking to be shown the simpler tools to assist others in their healing and enlightenment.

He has combined all he has been given to bring to you the wonderful gifts to assist in the healing and awakening of your true and divine self. He has many certificates and degrees but simply states “the most powerful tool I use in healing is the love that I am”.

The tools and protocols that we use are like keys to a door. There may be one or many doors to get to where we need to go to access and awaken the divine love within someone. We are blessed with many keys. These keys have the ability to access and transform ancestral woundedness stored in ones DNA. They have the ability to transform memories of what we simply call unknown energies. Unknown energies can range from family curses, entities of dark energies, genetic makeup, soul loss, to imprints of self worth, strategies of survival, and unremembered childhood traumas.

Our work does not try to “fix” you but guide you to a place of self empowerment and understand of your own life so you can awaken and embrace the true divine being that you are created to be. The love that you are.

To All Who Are Ready

How sad it is to love someone and have your love turned away.
Sad, not for the one lost, but the one who could not give.
It seems like we love until it's reflection becomes too bright and makes us close our eyes to all that we are.
We have all been givers and receivers.
We have all run after and run away.
We allow the shadow of our ego to fill us with the fears of our programming, and days gone by, only to surround it with armor that no arrow can pierce.
And as days go by and the never ending chatter of our minds illusions, we add and thicken our protection, slowly encompassing the one true thing we were
created to be - Love.
But in all of this, the sacred heart, that somehow still beats to the rhythm of every rising sun, knows only one purpose.
Standing and facing the storms of life which shower down its arrows of fear, still beating, still glowing, into the darkest night.
Does it stay shielded or lay down its armor to surrender to what it is truly made to be?
Some will lay their armor down in days to come.
And some will choose to thicken what they have.
There is no right or wrong, only choice.
Those who disarm will be vulnerable to all who they face, knowing no fear of death, for the only true death is not loving.
Not just a friend or partner, but to all whom you meet, forever serving all who are willing to receive.
For those who run and hide behind their armor are already dead.
Love this day as if it were your last.
Not just those who are close, but to all you meet.
Don't get caught up in whether they received it or returned it,
Just love without expectation or attachment to outcome.
You will see your life unfold with a beautiful peace you have never known.
And in the reflection of the morning light you will finally see,
YOU ARE the love which you have always looked for.

Much love,

© 2009 Phillip Rogers All rights reserved.