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Welcome to the love that you are.

This site is dedicated to the awakening of divine love that is the essence of our being.

This God given universal energy heals all aspects of our life.
If you have found this site, you have asked for assistance in understanding, awakening, or empowering of this love that you are.

It is my belief that your life is a direct outcome of what we call your programming. Think of your self as a walking computer. You are constantly receiving and sending out data 24 /7. You could call these our thoughts, actions, words, and deeds. Mystics would call this karma or sowing and reaping. But where do our thoughts originate? What makes us act and react to life? What makes us judge, feel angry, or hate? What makes us loving, compassionate, or at peace?

What creates our "law of attraction"? Why do we have the same type relationships, cycles, feelings, sickness? Does it seem that nothing ever changes? Do you constantly experience what you perceive as bad luck? They are all a direct response of what programs we have running in our "computer" that create thoughts.

Our thoughts are reaction, analysis, and programming coming from the mind, and here is the kicker - only a small amount are conscious. That means coming from our conscious mind and being in the moment and fully aware of the thoughts as you think them.

Often they come from our subconscious mind.

Just like you reading these words. The most of our thoughts are unconsciously driven, as I say, coming from the inner computer. And these thoughts are the manifestation of our programming "coming on line". So ,if this is true, we are our programming. And as long as the old files are running, creating the same old thoughts and personalities, we will have the same old life,"law of attraction", judgments, being a victim or needing to save something, feeling guilty, living in the past, worrying about the future, and on and on in a never ending battle. Sometimes a fierce battle and others just an uncomfortable on going turmoil in our lives.

So where did the programs come from? When did we get them? Who programmed them? Did I come in with them? What have I been programmed with since I was conceived?

Well, I will share with you what I have been shown, what is my truth, and how I do my work to assist you in your healing. And I say, this is my truth, so take into your heart what feels good to you and let the rest go. First of all, we are a blend of old and new programs, and continue receiving programming all the time.

Let me clarify - What if, we set up in the universal energies as a soul and agreed to the experiences we would have before we came into a body?

What if we chose our parents, siblings, teachers of all types and the lessons we would receive in our lives? What if we have done this many times to correct past life choices that were not of love, which by the way is our true essence. All as an opportunity to "get it right" and truly remember who we really are! So there are no mistakes, only experiences to learn from and allow us to choose to experience it again or to change our programming.

If Jesus was correct and "The kingdom of heaven is within you",where is God? Where is the true peace, love, joy, and oneness we seek?

Yep that's right - it is all inside each of us and always has been. But through our running programs,we always are looking outside our self for what we seek, always getting disappointed, hurt, angry, sad.............etc.

First of all my belief is that it is all perfect, all for a reason, and all an opportunity for growth. And we have done the best we could with the false programming running in our system.

It may not feel perfect but up to this day in this moment of you reading these words, it has been. You have done the best you could with all the woundedness programming running in your system. Because you couldn't know happiness without knowing sadness. It's what we do with the "hard" lessons as we progress in this game of life.

So stop beating your self up, feeling guilty and unworthy of the desires of your heart, because YOU ARE WORTH IT and you are a divine being of God. You are here to remember and operate from the higher knowing of divine love.

And for those reading these words who have trouble with past lives or don't believe in past lives, think of what I have said this way.

What if you are the memories of all the experiences of your ancestors? Science would call this genetics. So genetics is just memory codes.

And if something happened to an ancestor, lets say, your great great grandfather got his left leg blown off in the civil war. And all the male men after him have bad left leg problems, wouldn't you see it could be more than what they eat or where they work?

So to sum it up, we are so much more than what we see. The unseen energy affects us in our daily lives. This is where I work. My job is guiding you to finding the old and new programs that are effecting your life, health, and happiness and which no longer serve you.

I then assist you in transforming them into divine love. I have been blessed with the highest of guidance in these processes. Your part in our session is simply to let go.

I delete the files, remove any energies affecting your healing, which could be outside forces, enities, curses, vows, soul loss, cords to others, demonic energies, spirits.....etc. I then give you "homework" to do for the emotional pieces if needed.

Sessions can vary from one to two hours depending on your condition. You are the healer of your life. I am just a guide to help you find what truly is blocking your path back to the remembering of your mastery.

The exchange for healing sessions is $125. an hour. They can be done in person or via phone. Once you purchase a session, I will contact you to arrange a time that fits your schedule and mine.

Blessings and much love, Phillip

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