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Dear Phillip.
This is offered as a testimonial with gratitude. You and your spiritual healing work entered my life as I began recovering from a life-threatening illness; "wound by wound" you are helping my body, mind & spirit heal. You are a gifted, compassionate and powerful healer whose methods of diagnosing and treating are unlike any other healer I have encountered. Your ability to accurately pinpoint issues continues to amaze me, as does your ability to deeply clear and heal "wounds." Most of all, I appreciate your authenticity.



After the remote session with Phillip last week, I felt an instant calm and had a wonderful sleep. The next day many people said I had a glow on my face and looked happier than I had in a long time. I had a lot of energy on the week-end.. Looking forward to the next session.

Thank you for the wonderful remote session last week. I did not understand how powerful your love is that it could be so transformation from a distance. I was feeling overwhelmed and after the Thursday night session, I was able to relax, my headache was completely gone, and I had a totally new perspective on my challenges on Friday. It allowed me to approach everything (and everyone) with more compassion, more love and resulted in a work day that went smoothly and accomplished so much more! Thank you so much, I will definitely participate again!


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